Redistribute MEV back to your users

OpenMEV enables protocols and applications to recapture 'miner extracted value' profits. Maintain economic incentives to create a healthy ecosystem and community.

The content of this website should not be used
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Resources for
on-chain and off chain solutions
. Grants for development and research are available.

Redistribute back to value creators

OpenMEV enables protocols to recapture inefficient implementations and return it back to its users

Multi solution approach

Fix economic threats, security vulnerabilities, and introduce new features to your projects without changes to your protocol

Ensure your users benefit from decentralized finance

OpenMEV ensures that defi users receive the rewards they are entitled to. Projects can use OpenMEV secure, contain and protect against malicious network actors.

Earn ETH/USDC for trading on Sushi

Any trader can enjoy the OpenMEV rewards through SushiSwap. Traders will then be compensated when their trade is processed and within 35 blocks, refunded to them.

Protocols can set their compensation rate, creating a distributed market of constant feedback driven by protocol adoption.

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